How the Tree Census Works

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Photo provided by TreeKIT

TreesCount! 2015 is a volunteer-powered campaign to map, count, and care for all of New York City’s street trees.

This year, we trained New Yorkers to be expert tree counters by providing extensive training and tree guides to make sure that our voluntreers were confident and that measurements were as accurate as possible. With our voluntreers’ help, we have collected data that will further our understanding and ability to care for our urban forest.

To view our TreesCount! 2015 progress, please visit our Progress Map page.

TreesCount! 2015 Technology

NYC Parks has been working with a group called TreeKIT since 2012 to map more than 10,000 street trees throughout Western Queens. In 2013 we worked together with TreeKIT and partners OpenPlans and CartoDB to prototype and test a mobile data entry tool that simplifies the tree mapping process.

The TreeKIT mapping method and the accompanying mobile app are the foundation of TreesCount! 2015. NYC Parks chose TreeKIT for TreesCount! 2015 because it is easy to use and generates a representative map of the urban forest that places the tree exactly where it is located along the curb. The mapping method has been well-tested through the many collaborations that TreeKIT has had with neighborhood-based organizations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx over the past five years. TreeKIT is an initiative sponsored by the Open Space Institute through its Citizen Action Program.

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