Request a Street Tree

If you are a property owner, you can have a tree planted on your street for free! Submit a Service Request through our tree service request system or by calling 311. After making your request, you will receive an identification number to track its status.

  • All requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Not all requests can be satisfied immediately and some may take longer than a year.
  • Each location you request is surveyed in person by a Parks Forester to make sure there are no conflicts with the surrounding infrastructure, and that the site is a suitable one for a tree to grow and thrive. If a site is found to be appropriate for a new tree, we will add it to a list to be planted during our next available planting season.
    View the street tree planting guidelines.
  • Requests can be made for existing empty tree beds as well as paved sidewalk locations.
  • You can make a tree species suggestion along with your request; however, the Parks Forester in charge of the planting will make the final species determination. Their primary objective is to select a tree that will grow safely and provide the greatest possible level of benefits to a neighborhood.
  • Trees are only planted during our two planting seasons: Spring (March 1 to May 31) and Fall (October 1 to December 31).
  • Parks does not plant on private property.

Note: This service cannot be used by individuals attempting to fulfill a City planting requirement.

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