Permit Planting Directions

Please follow all steps carefully. Following the procedures incorrectly will delay your permitting and sign-off.

View our Permit Process Flowchart.

Step 1: Submit your Application

If you have finished construction, request a Tree Work Permit and indicate the organization that will be planting the trees.

If planting to satisfy a zoning requirement, do not apply for a tree planting permit until construction is substantially complete. If your project underwent Building Plan Review, include it as a "Previous Application Number" on your permit application.

Step 2: Planting Permit Issued

Parks will review your application and, if acceptable, issue a Tree Planting Permit within 15-20 business days.

Tree planting permits are only valid during the planting season for which they are issued. If the planting season for which the permit was issued ends before the work is performed, you must reapply to obtain a valid permit.

If you are applying to fulfill a planting requirement, and cannot plant on-site or it is outside of an approved planting season, you may be able to pay into the Tree Fund.

Step 3: Plant the Tree(s)

After you receive your Tree Planting Permit, the approved contractor on the application must plant the trees to Parks’ Planting Standards.

Incorrect street tree planting will delay final sign-off. 

Note: If you cannot locate the species of tree listed on your permit for planting, please call our Central Forestry office at (718) 760–6801. A forester may be able to change your species or tell you where you can find the assigned species.

Step 4: Request a Sign-off Inspection

After the tree work is complete, tell NYC Parks immediately that the work is done and request a final sign-off. This request should be made in writing and can be emailed to When emailing your request, please include photos of the completed work, if applicable. Please include your permit application number and contact information on your final sign-off inspection requests.

Step 5: Parks Forester Inspection

Within 15-20 business days after receiving your request for inspection, a Parks Forester will make a site visit to determine the planting’s compliance to our standards. At this point, we will let you know if we can grant a final sign-off or whether additional work is required.

Foresters will only issue a final sign-off if trees have been planted correctly.

If Planting Corrections Are Needed

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure that new tree plantings are in full compliance with the approved site plan, Parks standards, and the issued permit and work order.

Any objections from the forester will result in the issuance of a “punch-list” delineating the corrections that must be made before you receive your final sign-off.

Download the Common Punchlist Mistakes and Remedies Examples

Once you complete the items on the punch-list, email ( or fax at (718) 760-6640 photos of the completed work along with a request for re–inspection. Re–inspection requests will only be honored with photo documentation. These requests cannot be taken over the phone.

If you are seeking a refundable deposit from the Tree Fund, you are only allowed one month from the issued date of the punch-list to request a re–inspection.

Step 6: Final Sign-off Issued

The new tree(s) meets Parks standards and matches the approved plans on file. You will be issued and mailed a sealed final sign-off with an embossed seal from NYC Parks.

Step 7: Guarantee Period

A two-year guarantee period begins from the date of the final sign-off. The tree work entity must comply with the two-year guarantee outlined on the Tree Planting Permit, which includes regular maintenance and replacement if necessary. Failure to comply will jeopardize your ability to obtain any Parks permits for 12 months.


If you require further assistance, please call our Central Forestry division at (718) 760–6801 and ask to speak with a member of the Permits and Plan Review team.

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