Building Plan Review Fast Track

We realize the extraordinary amount of planning, time, energy and money that goes into every new building, or building alteration in New York City, and with our Fast Track program, we aim to expedite our service for qualified projects. We believe that this program will allow the building community to better manage project timelines and avoid delays in closing out job(s) with the Department of Buildings (DOB) and meet their zoning requirements to secure their final Certificate of Occupancy

If the proposed job meets all of our stipulations, the applicant will receive expedited service for all required documents from Parks. Eligible jobs will receive all required Parks plan review receipts, site plan approvals, and Tree Fund Receipts to present to DOB within 30 business days of initial submission.

Fast Track Qualifications

In order to qualify for Fast Track, the application must meet the following conditions:

  • The job site/address/proposed construction site cannot have any existing trees on site, or within 50 feet of the site, that lie within the City Right of Way.
  • The applicant must be willing to pay a non-refundable deposit into the Tree Fund to close out the job.
  • The project's site plan must contain text stating the number of trees required by NYC Department of Buildings. Please include:
    • Trees to pay into the Tree Fund (non-refundable) as on-site plantings
    • Trees to pay into the Tree Fund (non-refundable) as off-site plantings

Fast Track Process

If your project qualifies for the Fast Track process, you must first submit a Tree Fund Application (PF-1). Then, submit a Building Plan Review request through our Tree Work Permit application. We will then review the building plan. If approved, we will issue a Tree Fund Invoice (PF-2). Then, you must make the required payment, and you will receive a Tree Fund Receipt (PF-3), which will close the job.

No job can be closed out until the zoning requirement is met. If we issue a PF-2 invoice and the applicant never makes the required payment, we are not responsible for the applicant being unable to receive paperwork within the 30-day window or for any delays experienced in attempting to receive a final certificate of occupancy.

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