Street Tree Planting

We’re growing a greener New York City. One way we’re doing that is by planting and caring for street trees in your neighborhood.

Planting a Street Tree

You can request for us to plant a tree on your street for free. 

If you want to plant a tree on your own in front of your property, you'll need a tree planting permit.

Street trees must be planted at new buildings and at major enlargement projects.

Tree Services

If you know of a tree that needs our attention, please report it to our forestry services. If you've already filed a service request with us or with 311, you can check the status of your tree service request using your confirmation number. Submit a tree services request

About Planting Street Trees

Why we plant trees

Trees make our city more livable by:

  • removing air pollutants that can trigger respiratory illnesses
  • reducing stormwater run-off 
  • keeping the city cooler during the summer
  • providing shelter and food for birds and other wildlife 
  • offsetting climate change by reducing energy used by buildings, and reducing carbon dioxide emissions that pollute our air 

New street trees are planted at eligible locations requested by the public and at locations determined by NYC Parks. All plantings are within the City-owned public right-of-way. 

How we plant trees

Our foresters work with experienced tree growers to make sure that only the healthiest and most appropriate of our approved species are selected for planting. To choose the right tree for the right place, we consider many factors, including tree bed type and sidewalk width, soil compaction, surrounding tree canopy, flood/drought conditions, nearby infrastructure, and how the tree's size and height will affect buildings, utility lines, sewers, and sidewalks. Learn more about our tree planting process

Trees are planted during our planting seasons: March through May and October to December. Because tree plantings may be delayed by weather or other unforeseen events, we're unable to provide an exact planting date. But before your new leafy friend arrives, a sticker will be placed where the tree will be planted in the sidewalk. In areas with lawn strips, a flag will be placed indicating that a new tree will be planted within the public right-of-way.

Upcoming Planting Locations

View the tentative list of planting locations for the upcoming planting season.

About newly planted street trees

Each new tree will have two wooden stakes on either side for support and the area around the tree will be covered in mulch to minimize weed growth and to retain water. Your new tree will also have an "I'M YOUR NEW TREE" tag with the name of the tree species. The QR code on the tag allows us to track contractor maintenance. 

Caring for Street Trees

We are responsible for the care and maintenance of street trees. For the first two years after a tree has been planted, our planting contractors are responsible for all basic tree care services including watering, weeding, replacing missing soil, and conducting minor pruning and replacement, if necessary. The contractor is also required to water the tree at least once every two weeks from May through October. 

Local residents are encouraged to help care for street trees. Volunteers can water and mulch street trees, cultivate the soil, plant flowers in tree beds, and install tree guards

Trees need water and a safe litter-free space to grow and flourish. Find out how you can help out.

Become a tree steward and help trees around the city grow! Help us plant and care for trees, fix up hiking trails, and remove invasive plants in our forests and natural areas. 

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