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Fort Greene Park Urban Forest Management Plan

Fort Greene Park

Of the 5.2 million trees growing in New York City, an estimated 2.3 million trees fall under the jurisdiction of Parks & Recreation. The City’s 500,000 street trees are actively managed by the agency on an individual basis. Many forest trees are studied, mapped, and managed on a stand (group) basis according to long-standing management plans prepared for the agency’s most prominent natural areas.

Park trees are the least understood and documented arboreal population managed by the agency. Yet park trees, individually and as a group, comprise some of the City’s most valuable landscape specimens in terms of age, aesthetics, environmental and economic benefits, and community impacts.

This report for Fort Greene Park—an arboreal and historic gem of a park in a highly urbanized setting in Brooklyn—is one of three separate planning efforts to inventory, characterize, and formulate systematic management strategies for the individual tree population of a significant park property in New York City. The plan examines the past and present forest resource in Fort Greene Park and gives recommendations for its future.


Fort Greene Park Urban Forest Management Plan (PDF, 53 MB)

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