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Millennium Skate Park

The Millennium Skate Park is enclosed by a seven–foot tall steel picket fence on a 12" high curb. The access is through a single gate. The Department of Parks & Recreation will have an attendant during operating hours of The Millennium Skate Park. Each participant will have to sign a waiver; those under 18 will need their guardian's signature.

Millennium Skate Park


As you skate, bike or blade through the east gate of The Millennium Skate Park, you will be skating, biking or blading down a 12 foot wide concrete "waterfall" to the floor, approximately six feet into the "Street Bowl". To the left is a three–foot wide horizontal ledge at a constant height, while the path slopes down.To the right is a compound 'S' curved slope with one horizontal steps built into the slope. The right side turns or curves 90 degrees around the corner into the east bank of the Street Bowl.

Street Bowl

Millennium Skate Park

The Street Bowl is composed of two opposing banks dropping 6 feet to the floor, approximately 80' apart. Each bank has a small vertical radius at the top into a straight slope and a six–foot vertical radius transition to the floor, with various grinding rails located on banks.

The East Bank is a series of different ramps, banks & trannies with an 18" high by 6' wide ledge at the top of a quarter-pipe. The West Bank is also a series of different ramps, banks & trannies with a 15" high by 6' wide ledge at the top of straight bank.

The major difference between the east and west banks, the compound 'S' curve on the east bank and a bowled corner on the west bank. The bowled corner backs up to a gradual slope, which connects to the deck surface.

On the floor of the Street Bowl are three wood & "Skatelite" ramps.

Millennium Skate Park

The South Truck Dock is a series of 12" to 18" high ledges, 10 to 20 feet long, three to nine feet wide, with metal covered edges. Each ledge is joined to the next by short, steep ramps. The ledges can be skated across, down or up by ramps or jumps. This structure is built against the south perimeter wall, meant to simulate a truck dock.

The Middle Ramp is a three-foot high pyramid. The North Ramp is a 4 foot high pyramid, with a 1 foot high ledge built against the north perimeter wall.

The wood & 'Skatelite' ramps can be redesigned and rebuilt (in the future) by neighborhood skaters and residents. Hopefully, this will encourage neighborhood participation by skaters and residents in regular park maintenance and imbue a sense of ownership.

Free Form Bowl

Millennium Skate Park

Skating westerly, through the Street Bowl to the Freeform Bowl, you will skate over a 6-foot wide deck between the two bowls. Andy Kessler provided the shape and dimensions of the Freeform Bowl.

The Freeform Bowl is a combination of different pool shapes varying from five to six to eight feet deep with a super smooth concrete surface.

Metal pipe coping edge where the tranny meets the deck around the 5' and 6' pools. There is a 6–foot high spine between two of the pools. There is precast concrete pool coping and tiles around the eight-foot deep pool. Of course all the bowls and pools drain into an underground drainage system, connecting into the City storm sewers.