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Greenway Expansion

Parks is consistently looking for opportunities to expand the greenway network. Most recently we’ve identified approximately 45 miles of additional greenway projects and on- street connections that we feel would significantly enhance the quality of life and environment for New Yorkers. We’ve targeted projects that will link under-served communities to their waterfronts and recreational destinations.

Overall, 41.6 miles of new greenway are funded for design and construction using $133 Million in City, State and Federal funds over the next four years. An additional $85.6 million in greenway destinations and enhancements, such as comfort stations, boat launches, and environmental restoration projects, are funded for design and construction over the next four years.

Click on any of the five boroughs below to see more detailed information about current and projected projects.

  • THE BRONX: 55 miles envisioned, 15 miles existing in parks
  • BROOKLYN: 35 miles envisioned, 25.25 existing in parks
  • MANHATTAN: 32 miles envisioned, 23 miles existing in parks
  • QUEENS: 63 miles envisioned, 20 miles existing in parks
  • STATEN ISLAND: 20 miles envisioned, 8 miles existing in parks


Many Greenway Trails in the Bronx run along the major parkways such as the Bronx River, Mosholu, Hutchinson, and Pelham. Greenway projects include improving on street connections and linking the paths that are already in place. Parks is also looking to acquire the entirety of the Putnam Trail to complete the greenway to Westchester County.


Burke Bridge Hutchinson Greenway Construction
Bronx River Greenway
One mile of greenway was completed in Soundview Park in 2000. $50 million in greenway projects such as Hunts Point, Riverside Park, Concrete Plant Park, and the West Farms Greenway Segment are currently in design or construction, creating an additional three miles of the greenway by 2009.
Hutchinson River Greenway
Three miles of new greenway will be completed by late summer 2006, connecting Ferry Point Park to Pelham Parkway. The remaining two miles are in development.
Pelham Bay Park Soundview Park
Mosholu Pelham Greenway
10.5 mile greenway connecting Van Cortlandt, Bronx, and Pelham Bay parks is complete. Kazimiroff Blvd. in Bronx Park will be reconstructed beginning in 2007.
Soundview to Ferry Point Park
2.75 mile Soundview and Pugsley Creek Segment expected complete by 2008

  • Hudson River Valley Greenway
    2.75 mile Riverdale Park Segment and on-street connections are planned for a 2008 completion.
  • Putnam Rail Trail Corridor
    A future greenway is planned from 225th Street to Westchester County.
  • Regatta Park/Harlem River Greenway
    A 1-mile stretch from Depot Place to Roberto Clemente State Park is in the design process. Along this route, a new waterfront park, Bridge Park is projected to be completed in 2007 and the 3.5-mile greenway segment in 2008.


A main focus for Brooklyn’s future Greenway projects is increasing community access to the waterfront with a 14 mile planned development for the Brooklyn Waterfront Greenway. Coney Island also provides Brooklyn residents with a car free stretch along the shoreline for walking and cycling. Additional construction is expected to take place in Brooklyn to develop a path linking the Brooklyn Greenway with Queens.


Coney Island Boardwalk Eastern Parkway Mall
Coney Island
A path dedicated to wheeled users has been designed to run parallel to the Coney Island Boardwalk. Several smaller paths will be spaced throughout the length of the beach that runs perpendicular to the boardwalk to allow easier beach access for wheelchair bound people, seniors and families with carriages and strollers.
Eastern Parkway
Revitalization improvements from Grand Army Plaza to Washington.
Shore Parkway greenway image Shore Parkway Greenway Construction
Shore Parkway/Brooklyn East
Completion of 1.33 miles expected by 2009
Shore Parkway Reconstruction
Completion of 2 miles expected fall 2006.


The majority of Manhattan’s greenways are part of the Manhattan Waterfront Greenway project. Completed in 2003, these continuous paths around the entire island connect many of the city parks. Future projects include improving parts of the Harlem River Park and Riverside Park areas. Manhattan is also working on re-establishing the High Bridge that was historically an interborough crossing and the Manhattan-Bronx link in the Old Croton Aqueduct Greenway.


Harlem 142nd Street High Bridge
Harlem River Park
East 138th-142nd Streets
Construction beginning in 2007 on the Harlem River Greenway.
Historic High Bridge
Greenway links and access project is in design. The High Bridge would link Manhattan, the Bronx, and their respective waterfronts, greenways, and recreational amenities. By connecting the Bronx and Manhattan, under served Bronx residents will be linked to the active recreation available at the Highbridge Park Recreation Center.
Cherry Walk Riverside Park 81st Street
Manhattan Waterfront Greenway
32 miles with over 4 miles of new waterfront pathway and on-street connections completed September 2003.
Riverside Park Link
West 83rd to 91st Streets
Project designed and in construction to enhance Riverside Park’s waterfront.
  • West Harlem Piers Project
    125th-135nd Streets
    Continuing construction along the Hudson River.


Providing public access to the city’s waterfront has been the main focus of Queens’ greenway projects. The Queens East River and North Shore Greenway project is intended to improve non-motorized commuter options and connect neighborhoods with parks along the shoreline. When completed, this project will provide the community with over 10 miles of shared use trails.


Laurelton Greenway Ralph DeMarco Park
Laurelton Greenway
147th Ave. to Merrick Blvd.
A 1.5 miles project to be complete fall 2006
Queens East River and North Shore Greenway
2.6 mile project slated for completion by 2010. Complete plan is a nearly 11-mile stretch along the Queen’s East River waterfront that will extend along the north shore to the Flushing Bay Promenade.

Staten Island

Staten Island currently has many projects planned for construction to increase the total mileage of greenways. These include projects along The Beach Greenway on the Eastern Shore, 20 miles of paths planned throughout Fresh Kills Park, and an addition to The Lakes Greenway which, upon full build-out, would link the Staten Island Ferry to the Greenbelt Greenway. Completion of these trails will provide Staten Island residents with a significant amount of new recreational space.


Beach Greenway image Conference House Greenway image
Beach Greenway
A 2.75-mile stretch from Fort Wadsworth to New Dorp has been partially completed. Phase 1 from Fort Wadsworth to Miller Field was completed in Spring 2006. Phase 2, which stretches from Miller Field west to Great Kills is currently in the design process.

Conference House Park
1.25 miles completed in summer 2005.

Fresh Kills Greenway Greenbelt Trail
Fresh Kills Greenway
The Fresh Kills plan proposes over 20 miles of loop paths for cyclists, mountain bikers, runners and walkers.

For more information go to:
Fresh Kills Park

Greenbelt Greenway
Construction of 3.25 new miles to begin in 2007.