Running Tracks

Photo of relay race on a Parks track

Property Name Size Type Location
Macombs Dam 0.25 Temporary 161st and Deegan
Pelham Bay Park 0.25 Mondo Bruckner Blvd. & Eastchester Bay
Soundview Park 0.25 Asphalt Lafayette & Colgate avenues
St. Mary's Park 0.12 Rubber E. 145th St. & Jackson Ave.
Van Cortlandt Park 1.25 Rubber W. 240 St. to city line
3.00 Cross-Country
Williamsbridge Playground 0.25 Under Construction Van Cortlandt & Bainbridge
Property Name Size Type Location
Betsy Head Memorial Playground 0.25 Rubber Off Strauss St & Dumont Ave
McCarren Park 0.25 Rubber Lorimer St, Union & Driggs Ave
Red Hook Recreation Area 0.25 Rubber Bay, Hicks & Henry Streets
Leon S. Kaiser Playground 0.25 Mondo Bayview, Coney Island Creek
Fort Hamilton HS Athletic Field 0.25 Rubber 85th street between Colonial Road and Narrows Avenue
JHS 166, Linden Playground 0.25 Mondo Linden Blvd & Stanley Ave, Vermont to Wyona Streets
George Wingate HS Playground 0.25 Rubber Winthrop Street, Center & South
Property Name Size Type Location
Thomas Jefferson Park 0.25 All Weather 113 Street and 1st Avenue
Riverside Park 0.125 Cinder West 73 Street & Riverside Park
Randall's Island 0.25 All Weather Inside Downing Stadium
East 54th Street Recreation Center 0.04 Indoor 342 East 54 Street
Tony Dapolito Recreation Center 0.03 Indoor 3 Clarkson Street
Hansborough Recreation Center 0.03 Indoor 35 West 134 Street
East River Park 0.25 Rubber Coated All Weather East 6 Street & FDR Drive
St. Catherine's Park 0.07 Asphalt 1 Avenue and East 67 to 68 streets
Property Name Size Type Location
Astoria Park 0.25 Cinder Astoria South & 18 St
Forest Park 0.25 All Weather Myrtle Ave & Woodhaven Blvd
Kissena Park


Asphalt Bike Track 160 St & Booth Memorial
Windmuller Park 0.10 All Weather 39 Dr & 52 St
Juniper Valley Park 0.25 Cinder Juniper Blvd & 71 St
Det. Keith Williams Park 0.25 All Weather 173 St & 105 Ave
Roy Wilkins Park 0.25 All Weather Baisley & Merrick Blvds
Baisley Park 0.25 All Weather N. Conduit, Baisley Blvd & 150 St
Property Name Size Type Location
Corporal Thompson Park 0.25 Synthetic Broadway between Henderson Avenue and Richmond Terrace