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Greenway Rules & Guidelines

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All Users

  • Obey signs.
  • Keep dogs on leash, and clean up after your pet.
  • Always show courtesy to other trail users.
  • Stay to the right, pass on the left - unless otherwise indicated
  • Wear appropriate safety equipment, including helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, wrist pads, etc.


  • Stay on designated paths: riding off-trail damages our parks, and is strictly prohibited. No bicycle riding is permitted on pedestrian paths unless otherwise indicated. Violators are subject to fines and confiscation of their bicycles.
  • Cyclists under age 14 MUST wear a helmet. An approved bicycle helmet can greatly reduce the risk of death or permanent injury in the event of an accident. Look for the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) or Snell Memorial Foundation Standard stickers.
  • Yield to pedestrians at all times.
  • Excessive speeds are dangerous. Slow down!
  • Give audible warning when passing other path users.
  • Listen for others: Headphones impair your ability to hear and react to potentially dangerous situations.
  • Ride in the direction of traffic, unless otherwise indicated (e.g. a contraflow lane).
  • City laws require bicycle lights when riding at night.

Pedestrians and Joggers

  • Be alert, especially when running.
  • Allow faster trail users to pass safely.
  • Stay clear of lanes and paths designated for bicyclists.

Biking Rules (Transportation Alternatives)