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Field Lighting

image of Field Lighting, Harlem River Park

Field Lighting, Harlem River Park

Across the city, dozens of high-quality fields are rendered all but unusable after the sun sets. By placing additional lights around our athletic fields, we can allow people to play longer into the evening at a fraction of what a new field would cost. The best candidates for lighting are synthetic turf fields because they are durable enough to withstand additional use.

Today, there are 19 such sites located throughout the five boroughs. These new lights could provide an additional two hours of competitive use for each field every day during the summer and an additional four hours during the spring and fall.

Through PlaNYC, this initiative has received $9.2 million to install lights on 19 fields. Since the launch of this initiative, 11 sites have been completed and 7 sites are currently under construction.

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