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Highland Park

Image of Improved pedestrian walkways are part of Highland Park’s improvements.

A stunning natural landscape has formed in the three basins of the 50-acre Ridgewood Reservoir since its closure in 1989

The pathway around the three reservoir basins will be improved as part of Phase I of the PlaNYC project.

PlaNYC Project Overview

The Ridgewood Reservoir is located on the Brooklyn/Queens border in Highland Park. It served as a backup water supply for the two boroughs until 1989. After the reservoir’s closure, a landscape of woods and wetlands developed within the three basins. The pathway around the basins is heavily used by Brooklyn and Queens residents for walking and exercise. Phase I of this PlaNYC project will improve the pathway, lighting, and fencing around the basins and enhance access for wheelchair users.

A master plan that was developed based on broad community input will guide future phases of work at Highland Park. Considerations include improvements to the pedestrian network around Highland Park, lighting, fencing, ADA access, stabilization of historic buildings, enhanced active and passive recreation areas, and habitat restoration.


Spring 2011–Spring 2012: Reservoir perimeter lighting & fencing, path restoration, and new accessible entry points for wheelchair users


Fall 2011

Construction is 23 percent complete. Parks is working with the appropriate regulatory agencies and with community members to determine the next steps for future phases.

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