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Pearl the Squirrel, Parks’ mascot, is dressed in an Urban Park Rangers uniform

Meet the Parks Mascot

The Parks Department is pleased to introduce our new mascot… drum roll… It's Pearl the Squirrel! Pearl loves exploring the natural wonders of New York City's parkland.

Here are a few fun facts on… wait a minute… Pearl has just tapped us on the shoulder to remind us that she can very well speak for herself. Take it away, Pearl!

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Here's Some Trivia About Me!

Place of Birth: Van Cortlandt Park Preserve.

Favorite Color: Green! Kermit the Frog may have said it’s not easy being green but I disagree. I love that we’re greening our city!

Pearl the Park's Mascot sitting on a park bench

Favorite Food: Acorns. Yum. And hollow acorns make great whistles too! But I like people food too, including Shake Shack burgers and tacos from the Red Hook vendors!

Favorite Movie/TV Show: It’s My Park on NYCTV.

Favorite Game: I’m getting pretty good at Match It! on ParKids NYC.

Favorite Weekend Activity: I love to go to the Alley Pond Park Adventure Course on Sunday mornings and get a taste of what life must be like for my cousins, the flying squirrels.

Other Interests/Hobbies: Bicycling the greenways of New York City. I learned to bike at Star Track, so I’m pretty fast!

Pearl the Park's Mascot with shovel and tree ready to plant

If I Weren’t the Parks Mascot, I’d Be: A tour guide at Historic Richmond Town in Staten Island. I love history, especially New York City history, and I think tours are a fun way to learn.

Inspirations/ Role Models: My father, Earl the Parks Squirrel. I was inspired by the way he helped the Urban Park Rangers teach New Yorkers about ice safety when I was a little squirrel.

Aspirations: Plant tree one million AND ONE after MillionTreesNYC reaches its goal.

Pearl’s Past: Pick Parks’ Mascot Campaign

Pearl was born out of the submissions of hundreds of NYC parks fans from around the world. Read about them, and their ideas for the perfect Parks mascot, below.

About the Illustrator

Adam Koford is an improbably prolific cartoonist who has been involved in several projects, including "700 Hoboes" and "Conan vs. Bear." He has a webcomic entitled the Laugh-Out-Loud Cats, a collection of which is available from Abrams ComicArts.; Adam works for Disney Interactive in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a regular contributor to

Honorable Mentions

Mascot Finalist: Willy the Worm

Willy the Worm by Eve Moelis

Mascot Finalist: Libby the Butterfly

Libby the Butterfly by Danielle Joyce

Mascot Finalist: Borough Bee

Borough Bee by Richard Wysokowski

Mascot Finalist: Econout

Econaut by Eugene Mitchell

Mascot Finalist: Rocco the Raccoon

Rocco the Raccoon by Chris Livoti

Mascot Finalist: Cullen the Cardinal

Cullen the Cardinal by Todd Venezia,
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