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Browse Reports of Recent and Upcoming Tree Work

To help keep you informed, NYC Parks shares maps and tabular data of recently completed and upcoming planned tree-related work for many of our most popular forestry services.

Maps and Data

Our reports cover our most popular tree services: tree stump removal, street tree pruning, street tree planting, and sidewalk repair. For each of these categories, we’ll show work completed over the past six months, as well as all work currently scheduled to take place. Please check each report for a more detailed overview.

We publish all routine tree work performed by contractors working with us. However, high-priority and rapid response work performed by our in-house forestry crews is not included.

Browse The NYC Street Tree Map

If you are looking for the status of an individual tree, or of trees in your neighborhood, you can use the NYC Street Tree Map to browse our directory of trees and to find recent tree maintenance information.

Browse the Map

Example of area of NYC Tree Map showing dots representing trees

Check Your Service Request Status

You can visit the 311 Service Request Lookup to review the status of an individual tree service request. Be sure to keep track of your confirmation number, which usually begins with C1-1-, followed by 9 or 10 numbers.

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