Tree Pruning

newly-repaired sidewalk surrounding a street tree

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Parks prunes established street trees on a neighborhood–by–neighborhood basis. This process allows us to prune a portion of the street trees in each community board every year.

We do not take routine clearance pruning requests, but requests to prune for public safety are accepted via our tree service request system (or call 311) for conditions including:

  • Damaged and/or dead limbs
  • Broken hanging limbs
  • Interference with a traffic signs or signals
  • Street or sidewalk blocked

If the tree is entangled in electrical wires, our crews cannot prune the tree because of safety concerns around high voltage power lines. Please contact your power utility company as they are under permit from Parks to handle these conditions.

Our partner organization Trees New York certifies residents as volunteer Citizen Tree Pruners who are allowed to prune street tree limbs in accordance with City regulations. To find out more about this program or connect with Citizen Pruners in your community, please contact or (718) 701-4463.

Recent and Upcoming Tree Pruning Work

To better inform you about our planned tree work, we are tracking trees that have been pruned over the past six months, as well as trees that are scheduled to be pruned.

Use the map or address search below to find trees that have recently been pruned or that are scheduled for pruning. You can also review the complete list of pruning work, or download it to find more information about our pruning schedule in your neighborhood.

Not all trees in New York City are represented in this map below. If a tree is not displayed on this map, it is not scheduled to be pruned during the next fiscal year.


Completed Pruning

Scheduled Pruning


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Download the all of the data, including additional fields like City Council District, allowing you to filter and sort the data in the manner that best suits you, or use the tabular view below to quickly search for a particular address.

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*All recent completion dates are estimated. Scheduled completion dates are estimated through the current fiscal year.

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