Trees and Severe Weather

A member of the forestry crew uses a cherry picker to reach up into a tall tree and use a saw to cut down a tree limb.

Keep yourself safe! During storms, trees and limbs may become weakened and can fall. Exercise caution under and around trees during stormy weather.

If you witness a street or park tree that has fallen or has sustained storm damage, call 311 or submit a Tree Service Request

If a tree emergency has put lives in immediate danger, call 911.

Major storm events can have severe effects on our urban trees. High winds, lightning, and heavy rains may cause fallen trees, downed limbs, and hanging limbs. During such events, the NYC Parks’ first priority is to clear roads and secure all storm damaged trees. Routine forestry services during and shortly after a storm may be temporarily suspended until clean-up operations have been completed. Occasionally during clean-up operations, debris from fallen limbs and trees may be left at the curb. Every effort is made to address these piles in a timely fashion.

Privately Owned Trees and Storm Damage

Trees on privately owned property are the responsibility of the property owner. If damage occurs to these trees, the property owner must hire a qualified contractor to make storm damaged trees safe.

Getting Prepared for Severe Weather

The Office of Emergency Management’s primary role is to ensure that New Yorkers are safe and prepared when severe weather and other emergencies occur. Visit their website for alerts and to learn more about getting prepared for future emergencies.

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