Trees and Severe Weather

A member of the forestry crew uses a cherry picker to reach up into a tall tree and use a saw to cut down a tree limb.

Keep yourself safe! During storms, trees and limbs may become weakened and can fall. Exercise caution under and around trees during stormy weather.

How to Report Tree Damage

To report a downed or damaged tree, submit a service request by visiting 3-1-1 online.

Call 911 if there is a life-threatening emergency, or to report damaged electrical utilities and power outages.

What to Report

When reporting tree damage, please make sure to include the location and a description of the size of the tree or branch. In addition, please include the following details:

  • Is the fallen tree blocking a road? Fully or partially?
  • Has it fallen on or is it touching utility wires?
  • Has it fallen onto a house or other building? Is the building damaged?
  • Has it fallen onto a car or other vehicle?
  • Is the tree split, either vertically or horizontally, but still standing? Is the tree uprooted or leaning noticeably?
  • Is tree debris blocking a sidewalk? Fully or partially?

Our Response Time

After we receive your request, we will send out one of our expert forestry inspectors to assess the situation. We respond to fallen trees and other hazards that are threatening public safety first. These hazards include downed trees blocking streets or resting on houses, standing damaged trees that can cause injury or property damage, and fallen tree limbs. After all high-priority public safety requests are completed, we will address remaining debris in streets and tree damage in parks.

Once you have submitted a request to 3-1-1, you will be given a Service Request Number, use this number to check the status of your request by visiting NYC's 3-1-1 Portal.

For more information on NYC Parks tree services, visit the NYC Street Tree Map.

Getting Prepared for Severe Weather

Please visit NYC Severe Weather for the latest news on storms in our area, and sign up with Notify NYC for emergency alerts and information on important city services.

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