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Sidewalk Repair

Property owners are responsible for the maintenance of the sidewalks adjacent to their properties according to New York City law. This statute is in place to ensure public safety. To avoid sidewalk violations from the Department of Transportation, property owners may need to undertake the process of repairing damaged sidewalks themselves.

To assist citizens with this responsibility, Parks offers property owners options to help and protect our trees against potential damage during the repair process.

Sidewalk Consultation

If you are repairing your sidewalk around an existing tree, schedule a Sidewalk Design Consultation to help you and your contractor through the process. Advice will also be provided on how to avoid unnecessary and unlawful root cutting, as well as how to construct a sidewalk to prevent future buckling.

Learn more about Sidewalk Consultation.

Trees & Sidewalks Program

In front of one-, two-, and three-family homes not used for commercial purposes and occupied by the owner only (legally designated as NYC Tax Class 1), Parks’ sidewalk repair program can help repair severe sidewalk damage caused by root growth. Sites are prioritized for repair based on the severity of damage and availability of funding.

Learn more about the Trees & Sidewalks program.

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