Sidewalk Consultation

If you are a homeowner with time-sensitive needs for sidewalk repair, or you own a non-Tax Class 1 properties that is not eligible for Parks’ Trees & Sidewalks Program, you may wish to fix the sidewalk by requesting a Sidewalk Design Consultation through Parks' Borough Forestry Offices and obtaining a free Tree Work Permit from Parks to work around the roots.

You will also be required to obtain the necessary permits from other City agencies, including the Department of Transportation, prior to any sidewalk work.

Repairing the Sidewalk Yourself

  1. Find a contractor who can repair the sidewalk and make preliminary arrangements with them to perform the work. 311 can help you review the business history of licensed contractors.
  2. Submit the necessary tree work permits.
  3. When you have selected a contractor and completed the necessary tree work permits, schedule an appointment for a Sidewalk Design Consultation with the appropriate Borough Forestry Office. Please make sure the contractor attends the consultation along with you so all recommendations and guidelines are fully understood by all parties involved.
    Bronx Forestry Office: (718) 430-1887
    Brooklyn Forestry Office: (718) 965-7745
    Manhattan Forestry Office: (212) 860-1845
    Queens Forestry Office: (718) 393-7373
    Staten Island Forestry Office: (718) 390-2080
  4. NYC Parks will recommend design techniques for fixing the sidewalk.

City tree root cutting/shaving is strictly prohibited. This practice invariably impacts the health and stability of the trees and poses a hazard to safety. Every effort should be made to preserve mature street trees.


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