Submit a Forestry Service Request

When you submit a request through our forestry service request intake process, you enable us to carefully monitor the progress of your request every step of the way.

When you submit a request it goes directly to the appropriate Parks Department division for action, and the 311 Customer Service Center provides you with a tracking number and details about how your new service request will be addressed.

Below, you can:
  • Report a damaged or dead tree
  • Request a new street tree
  • Notify Parks of illegal tree damage
  • Submit a report of potentially hazardous trees or branches*
  • Let us know about an undesirable root, sewer, or sidewalk condition

All requests sent to Parks are given direct attention and will be resolved as soon as possible.

Submit a Request

Need to check the status of your request? Call 311 or visit 311 Online.

* Since 1996, Parks has pruned established street trees on a neighborhood–by–neighborhood basis. This process allows us to prune a portion of the street trees in every community board every year. We do not take routine pruning requests.

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