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Parks Plan Review

To increase street tree canopy and to improve air quality and storm water management, street trees must be planted at new building and major enlargement projects.

For all New Building and Alteration 1 & 2 permit applications pre-filed with the Department of Buildings on or after May 3, 2010 a Parks Plan Review is required

The Parks Plan Review is a multi-step process designed by Parks and DOB to help the building community acquire the appropriate permits for the protection of existing trees and the planting of new trees. This Process will help integrate Parks’ permitting process into the larger construction permitting process taking place at DOB.

Download the Plan Review Flow Chart [PDF, 19 kB]

Form Descriptions

P-A Forestry Application
There is one application that is used for all forestry Parks’ permits including the site plan review. The application must be submitted with a site plan and relevant photographs for a Plan Review to Proceed.
P-I Plan Review
Application Incomplete Issued to the applicant if the Forestry Application (P-A) for Plan Review is incomplete.
P-R Plan Review Receipt
This form confirms that the Forestry Application has met the minimum requirements for site plan review. This form is a DOB required item to issue NB, Alt 1 or Alt 2 construction permits. It will be embossed with a raised seal. Note: The Plan Review Receipt does not mean that the Site Plan has been approved; only that it is ready to be reviewed. After the Plan Review Receipt has been issued, a forester will conduct a Plan Review and contact the applicant with the results.
P-P Forestry Permits
Allows the applicant (or their agent) to undertake the work detailed in the Work Order
P-W Forestry Work Order
Details the exact work that is allowed under the issued permit. The Work Order must always accompany the permit when work is being conducted.
P-F1 Tree Fund Payment Application
Applicant submits to pay into the Tree Fund for off site or out of season zoning required plantings.
P-F2 Tree Fund Payment Invoice
Issued once the Tree Fund Payment Application has been approved. Payment can be made only AFTER this form is issued.
P-F3 Tree Fund Payment Receipt
Issued after payment has been made. This is a sealed document that can be submitted to DOB to meet your street tree zoning requirements. Note: These payments are NOT related to restitution payments for tree removal.

Additional Documentation

P-C Correspondence letters

Step by step Plan Review

  1. Submit P-A for Plan Review: The applicant must submit a complete Forestry Application (P-A) to the appropriate Borough office. The P-A may be submitted before or after the applicant begins an application for a DOB New Building, Alt1 or Alt2 permit, but such permits will not be issued by DOB until the P-A is satisfactorily submitted to Parks. Please read section 5 of the P-A for a description of all required documentation. At this time the applicant must also submit all tree removal requests. P-A Forestry Application [PDF, 131 kB]
  2. Parks Issues Receipt: If all of the necessary minimum documentation is received, Parks will issue a sealed Plan Review Receipt (P-R). If no DOB Job number is available the P-R must be taken to DOB to prove that you have submitted a Parks Plan Review and it has been accepted for review. If a DOB Job number is available Parks will e-submit this form to DOB and issue the applicant a hard copy. The P-R will also inform you of any additional documentation/information needed before the Plan Review can begin. The P-R DOES NOT mean that you can start tree related work. You MUST be issued a permit before tree work can begin.
  3. DOB issues Construction Permits: Once the P-R is received by DOB, construction permits can be issued.
  4. Parks Plan Review Proceeds: Dialogue between Parks and Applicant
    1. Tree Removal Requests are considered
    2. Tree Protection Plans are reviewed and approved
    3. Correct placement and species of new trees are approved
    Each of the above steps may take several iterations while edits and changes are made.
  5. Bronx, Manhattan and Brooklyn
    Parks Site Plan Approved: The site plan is approved and sealed. The applicant must take the sealed plan to DOB prior to BPP approval. The Parks approved site plan must match that on file at DOB.

    Queens and Staten Island
    Parks Site Plan Approved: The site plan is approved and sealed. The applicant must then take the sealed plan to DOB before they can receive a Certificate of Occupancy. Note: While the sealed site plan can be brought to DOB any time before the DOB’s final Certificate of Occupancy inspection can take place, it is strongly advised to submit the Parks-sealed plan to DOB as soon as possible to avoid any complications. The Parks approved plan must match that on file at DOB.
  6. Submit P-A for Planting Permit: After construction is complete, a P-A for tree planting must be submitted that includes the original application number issued at the time of the Plan Review. A Tree Planting Permit will be issued within 1 week if there is an approved plan on file. Street Tree Planting Requirements for New Buildings
  7. Plant Trees and Notify Parks: Applicant plants the permitted trees per the Permit and Work Order. Applicant notifies Parks (via e-mail or fax (718-760-6640) with the original application number) immediately after planting is complete in order to attain permit sign-off. Parks will inspect the plantings within 3 weeks. If planting meets DPR standards and matches the approved site plan on file at Parks, a sealed sign-off will be issued. The sign-off will be e-submitted to DOB and the original will be mailed to the applicant.
  8. Guarantee: A two year guarantee period begins from the date of the final sign-off. The tree work entity must comply with the two year guarantee outlined on the P-A or jeopardize their ability to pull any Parks permits for twelve months.

NYC Development HUB

Recently City Hall introduced the NYC Development HUB, a state-of-the-art center in Lower Manhattan to accelerate the approval process for construction projects in New York City. With the use of new communication technologies, permittees will now be able to come together with various City Agencies to resolve building plan concerns faster than ever before.  Parks is in the process of transitioning our offices to this new paperless permit system, so please stay tuned for updates! Any changes to our Forestry Plan Review process will be posted on our website and announced in our upcoming Tree Permit Newsletter.

Links and Forms

P-A Forestry Application [PDF, 131 kB]

Plan Review FAQ

Tree Planting Standards [PDF, 605 kB]

Plan Review Flow Chart [PDF, 19 kB]

Contact information

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