Tree Work Permit and Plan Review Application

Please fill out the information below to apply for a Tree Work Permit. Please make sure you have all documents and have read our instructions before you apply.

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Before attaching files and photos to your application (i.e.: PDF, MS Office, JPG, GIF, PNG, MOV, AVI, MPG), please optimize them to the smallest file size possible, with no file larger than 75MB.

Applicant Information

Please provide the applicant’s contact information and business name (if applicable).

Filing Representative or Agent

Please provide the contact information for the expediter involved with submitting the Site Plan (if applicable).

Plan Review

Please indicate if this is a request for Plan Review or related tree work permit as required by Department of Buildings under NYC zoning code. Visit our Building Plan Review page if you have any questions.

Select a Plan Review option above to continue your application.

Please enter the following required information from your previously applied Plan Review.

If you applied using DOB BIS, but do not know your BIS number, please visit DOB’s Building Information Search page to find it. If you applied using DOB NOW, but do not know your NOW number, please visit DOB’s Public Portal.

For this planned project, please indicate the number of trees to be:

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Upload Supporting Documents For Plan Review

Site Plan

Please upload a building site plan, with 11”x17” architectural drawings. Refer to our Plan Review Checklist to develop your site plan.


Please upload photos of each street frontage and sidewalk views parallel to the street that will be affected by this project. The photos must be clear and in color. You should indicate the location in the label, and the date that the photo was taken. Google or satellite images are not acceptable.

Letter of Intent

Pre-Construction Survey/Layout

Builder’s Pavement Plan

Certified Arborist Report

Type of Work Proposed

Please indicate the type(s) of activities that you plan to perform on or near a tree under City jurisdiction. Please check our Tree Work Activities page for more details about each activity. Including all relevant documents with this application submission will expedite your request.

Please submit all relevant supporting documents, for example: Planting Plan, List of Planting Sites, Species List.

Please upload photos of tree planting location(s), a sketch or plan of the tree planting design/tree pits (including proposed dimensions), and any additional documents.

Tree Work Entity Information

We recommend selecting a tree work entity before undergoing a Plan Review to help expedite the tree work process.

Project Information

Project Location

Please provide the location where the project will be taking place. If you are applying for more than one location, please place an additional Tree Work Permit request.

Please estimate the number of months that this project will take.

Additional Documents

Please upload additional documents related to your project. Many of these documents may be required depending upon the type of work that is taking place, so please review the options carefully. For all design plans and drawings, please make sure that the tree’s critical root zones are labeled.


Please allow 30 business days for a status update on your application.


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