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Dead Tree and Stump Removal

Tree Removal

Dead trees reported on streets, parks, playgrounds or other public spaces will be inspected and, if appropriate, removed. As part of NYC Parks new Tree Risk Management program—Work is prioritized to address the highest risk conditions first. To report a dead tree, call 311 or use our tree service request system.

Parks makes every effort to preserve and protect trees in the public right-of-way until their health or condition warrants removal. Parks does not remove healthy trees due to infrastructure conflicts with sewer lines or sidewalk concrete. Tree roots rarely damage sound pipes in good condition, and only intrude if they have been afforded access by a break or perforation. The best way to prevent this from occurring is to repair the line with impervious, watertight piping. Visit our Tree Work Permit page to apply for a permit prior to sewer repair. If your sidewalk is damaged, please visit our Sidewalk Repair page.

Stump Removal

All stumps remaining from tree removal operations performed by Parks are recorded and registered. Stump removals are dependent on the availability of funding. We currently have a backlog of stumps awaiting removal. If you are a property owner who would like a City-owned stump removed, we have two options for you to consider:

  1. You can request a new tree via 311 or our tree service request system, and if the stump is less than approximately 30 inches in diameter, our planting contractors will remove the stump during a new tree planting process.
  2. You can request a Tree Work Permit from Parks and hire a contractor to remove the stump at your own expense.

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