Damaged and Fallen Trees

Please report damaged and fallen trees through the tree service request system or by calling 311 immediately! Keep yourself safe and exercise caution around injured trees until we  can reach the site to secure the area.

When to Report a Condition

  • A tree branch or limb is cracked, will fall, or has fallen down.
  • A tree trunk has split.
  • A tree is leaning, uprooted, or has fallen down.
  • A tree is alive, but is in poor or declining condition.

Examples of tree damage

After Your Report

After your report is submitted, we will give you a tracking number and details about how your report will be addressed. An NYC Parks inspector will visit the location, assess the condition, and determine the most appropriate course of action at that time. Forestry crews will be dispatched as needed.

You can check the status of your damaged or fallen tree report, or other tree service request, by calling 311 or visiting 311 Online.

Special Types of Damage

Storm Damage

Tree damage often occurs during inclement weather, and severe storms can cause extensive damage. During severe weather events, NYC Parks may ask for your patience as we prioritize our work to secure the most hazardous conditions first. To learn more about our coordinated efforts during these events, please visit our Storm Response page.

Insect Damage

The Emerald Ash Borer is an invasive beetle that can be found on trees.

Many insects are not harmful to trees. If there is a bees' nest in the tree that seems hazardous, please do not destroy it. Instead, contact a bee re-locator in your borough to move the nest. If you think that there is an insect infestation that is harming a city tree, you can request an inspection from a Parks inspector by using our tree service request system or calling 311.

Emerald Ash Borer

If you suspect that an ash tree has an Emerald Ash Borer infestation, please report it through our Tree Service Request page.

Asian Longhorned Beetle

If you suspect that any tree has an Asian longhorned beetle infestation, please report it.

Spotted Lanternfly 

What to look for if you suspect that a tree has a spotted lanternfly infestation.

Illegal Tree Damage

If you have witnessed or believe a tree was damaged intentionally without the permission of Parks, please call 311 or use our tree service request system to report the damage. To learn more, visit our Illegal Tree Work and Damage page.

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