Tree Services

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Maintaining New York City’s urban forest is one of NYC Parks’ most important responsibilities. We have dedicated staff in each borough to protect and support the safety and health of our trees. If you know of any condition that needs our attention, please report it.

Damaged and Fallen Trees

Please report damaged or fallen trees immediately and use caution around them until our crews have arrived and addressed the condition. Visit the Damaged and Fallen Trees page for more information or to submit a report.

Dead Tree and Stump Removal

Visit our Dead Tree and Stump Removal page to request the inspection and removal of a dead street tree.

Tree Pruning

NYC Parks prunes trees routinely on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. However, if you have an emergency tree pruning request, please visit our Tree Pruning page for more information.

Wood Debris Removal

NYC will clean up all or part of a curbside tree that is damaged as a result of weather related activity or other causes. Please visit the Wood Debris Removal page to learn more about how to handle wood debris in your area.

Street Tree Planting

Visit the Street Tree Planting page to request a street tree, or learn more about planting a tree on your own in front of your home or business.

Building Plan Review

For all New Building and Alteration 1 & 2 permit applications pre-filed with the NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) on or after May 3, 2010, a Building Plan Review is required. During the process, Parks will evaluate the location of street trees, the size of tree pits on-site, as well as any planned tree removals or required tree plantings. Please visit the Building Plan Review page for more information.

Working On or Near Trees

If you or your contractor are performing work on or near a street tree, you must first obtain a permit from NYC Parks. Please visit the Working On or Near Trees page for more information.

Illegal Tree Work and Damage

It is illegal to remove or damage a City-owned tree. If you see or know of someone imperiling a City-owned tree, please visit the Illegal Tree Work and Damage page to report it.

Sidewalk Repair

Visit our Sidewalk Repair page to find out more about the Trees & Sidewalks Program that repairs sidewalks damaged by the roots of City trees in certain cases, or find out more about repairing the sidewalk yourself with the help of a licensed contractor and a Tree Work Permit from NYC Parks.

How We Operate

Tree Risk Management

Visit our Tree Risk Management page to learn more about the modern practices that keep our tree canopy healthy and New Yorkers safe.

Recent and Upcoming Tree Work

Visit our Tree Work Reports page to review recently completed and upcoming planned tree work for many of our most popular forestry services.

Storm Response

During severe weather events, NYC Parks may ask for your patience as we prioritize our work to secure the most hazardous conditions first. Visit our Storm Response page to find out about our planned course of action to manage tree damage following severe weather.

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