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ยง2-05 Model Yacht Storage

  1. Boats must be placed in locations in the boat-house assigned to the Permittee.
  2. Boats must be numbered to correspond with the number on the permit.
  3. The Department assumes no responsibility for the loss of any boat or property.
  4. All boats must be removed from the boat-house at the close of the season, the date of which will be posted in all boat-houses and at the Department office in the respective Boroughs.
  5. In the event of a Sail Boat Contest conducted by the Department, the permit holder may sail his or her boat only at the specified time.
  6. Only one permit is allowed to any one person.
  7. Sail boats exceeding 72 inches in length will not be permitted on the Conservancy Lake or in the Boathouse, Central Park.
  8. The use of power boats by adults is prohibited on Conservatory Lake, Central Park.
  9. Violation of any of these rules will result in the cancellation of the Model Yacht Storage Permit.

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