§2-01 Tennis

Each tennis player must have a valid tennis permit to play on outdoor tennis courts under the jurisdiction of the Department between the first Saturday in April and Sunday before Thanksgiving.

  1. Tennis permits.
    1. Tennis permits are available for purchase at the Arsenal and at locations in each of the five boroughs and on the Parks Department website.
    2. Seasonal tennis permits are issued on an annual basis, and may be used for unlimited play during the tennis season for which they were issued in one-hour increments for singles play and two-hour increments for doubles play.
    3. In the event a seasonal tennis permit is lost, a duplicate permit may be obtained for a fee pursuant to § 2-09(a).
    4. Seasonal tennis permits may not be transferred or resold.
    5. A single-play tennis permit may be used during the tennis season in which it was purchased in lieu of a seasonal permit to play tennis for one hour on tennis courts under the jurisdiction of the Department.
  2. Reservations.
    1. Online Reservations:
      1. All tennis permit holders may reserve tennis courts online at the Department’s website for all courts accepting reservations for a fee pursuant to § 2-09(a).
    2. Advance Reservation Tickets:
      1. All tennis permit holders may reserve tennis courts at Central Park and Prospect Park using Advance Reservation Tickets for a fee pursuant to § 2-09(a).
      2. Any tennis permit holder may reserve a tennis court in Central Park or Prospect Park by first purchasing an Advance Reservation Ticket at the Arsenal or at a designated location in each of the five boroughs, and then redeeming the Advance Reservation Ticket for a reservation either in person or by phone.
    3. If a player is more than five minutes late for a reservation, the reservation is forfeited without compensation.
    4. If a reserved court is closed due to rain or any other reason, reservations may be rescheduled during the tennis season.
  3. Use of Tennis courts.
    1. Outdoor tennis courts are open daily, weather permitting, except when under construction or repair, or when reserved for tournaments or special events.
    2. Players must wear smooth-soled, heelless footwear on clay or composition courts. Suction soled shoes and running shoes are prohibited on all surfaces on Department tennis courts.
    3. When an attendant is present, players must register with the attendant by presenting their tennis permits to the attendant.  The tennis attendant will make court assignments. 
    4. A maximum of six (6) balls may be used on each court.
    5. All disputes, including but not limited to disputes concerning court reservations, permit ownership, and suitability of court conditions for play, shall be settled by the tennis attendant.
    6. Locker-room and shower privileges are not included with tennis permit privileges.   Locker-rooms and showers in the Central Park Tennis Center may be used by individuals renting lockers for the fee listed in § 2-09.  Rentals are subject to the Central Park Tennis Center’s terms of rental and are valid for one tennis season. 
    7. Anyone who fails to comply with these rules or the instructions of the tennis attendant or other Parks employee will be ordered to leave the tennis courts. Failure to leave when ordered to do so shall be treated as a violation of § 103(c)(1).
    8. Tennis hours may vary at individual sites.  All players must comply with posted hours. 

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