Teen Programs

The programs focus on engaging teens' interests and enhancing their healthy and productive development.


Al Oerter Recreation Center
131-40 Fowler Avenue, Queens
(718) 353-7853
More About Al Oerter Recreation Center

St. Mary’s Recreation Center
East 145th Street & St. Ann’s Avenue, Bronx
(718) 402-5155
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St. John’s Recreation Center
Prospect Place between Troy & Schenectady, Brooklyn
(718) 771-2787
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Sorrentino Recreation Center
18-48 Cornaga Avenue, Far Rockaway, Queens
(718) 471-4818
More About Sorrentino Recreation Center

J. Hood Wright Recreation Center
351 Fort Washington Avenue, Washington Heights, Manhattan
(212) 927-1563
More About J. Hood Wright Recreation Center

Lost Battalion Hall Recreation Center
93-29 Queens Boulevard, Queens
(718) 263-1163
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Youth and Teen Media Education Programs

Through our media programs, you can get a head start on your career, develop your interests, or learn valuable lifelong skills. Programs include RECYouth, our digital media program, and the Garden Kitchen Lab, our food science program. Whether you want to make a movie, produce an album, learn the science behind cooking, or develop your creative passions, find a media program that's right for you.

Learn more about Youth and Teen Media Education Programs.

Green Teen Program

The Green Teen Program engages teens to become stewards of their local parks and recreation centers. Green Teens learn how to make a “green” positive impact in their local community and encourage the public to recycle. If you are interested in being a "Green Teen," please email us at Green.Teens@parks.nyc.gov.


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