Urban Park Rangers

Custom Adventures: Programs for Summer Camps and Youth Groups

Connect inner-city youth to the natural world through outdoor adventure. Customized day or overnight programs promote environmental stewardship and foster trust, problem solving, and team building in a safe, secure environment. Paddle a canoe, hike through the woods or spend the night under the stars!


Custom Adventures are available in June, July, and August. Download the reservation form.

Single Day Programs 

Single Day Programs with are day-long programs for up to 30 particpants. Our fun, educational programs are perfect for kids, teens, and adults looking to explore NYC's natural world! An aquatics director is not provided. 



  • $250 for up to 30 youth
  • $750 for up to 30 participants ages 18 to 24
  • $1,000 for 30 adult/staff development group participants





Water comes to life when participants don waders and nets to explore the aquatic underworld. Fish, crabs and jellyfish are only a few of the creatures participants may discover.



Participants are taught all about the amazing adaptations and anatomy of fish before being briefed on safety procedures for fishing. Each is given a fishing pole and bait and is instructed on the basics of fishing before casting into the world of water.



Immerse your participants in a swashbuckling water adventure through NYC’s best water bodies. The group is given instructions on how to safely operate the canoe before exploring the water wonders of NYC Parks. Participants must fit securely into a personal floatation device.


Nature Exploration

Take a walk on the wild side! Participants explore NYC Parks searching for insects, snakes, trees, flowers, rocks, birds, and more on their quest to discover hidden wonders.



Participants will learn how to use a compass and read a map to find their way through the wilderness. No smartphone needed!



Participants will borrow a pair of binoculars and discover why a bird is a bird. Participants will look and listen for birds, as they discover the most common NYC birds.


Wilderness Skills

Participants will be introduced to outdoor survival theory and demonstrate basic outdoor skills. This program covers planned (camping), and unplanned (being lost) survival situations.



Do you have what it takes to hit the mark? Give your group a shot at hitting the target. Participants are taught how to use a bow and arrow including safety procedures, how to hold the bow, knock an arrow, aim, and shoot.


Animal Adventures

Specifically for participants younger than 8 years old, this program is designed to engage younger participants’ curiosity in animals of the park. Participants will explore the wonders of the animal world as they use nets to collect insects, roll over logs and explore natural ecosystems.


Into the Wild

This program will give younger children an amazing experience exploring the park. Participants will discover the wonders of the natural world while gaining an appreciation for the plants and animals that surround them. Ages 4-7.


Who Lives Here

Animals need homes too! Participants will be amazed to discover the wide variety of natural homes that animals make. See if you can spot one, or even build your own! Ages 4-7.


Find My Way

Look at the parks in a new light! Participants will use a basic map to find their way through the park using simple observation skills. Ages 4-7.


Water Wonders

Get up close and personal with fish, crabs and jellyfish in this unique experience. Participants will use nets to catch and observe a plethora of native creatures. Ages 4-7.


For more information, or to schedule a Custom Adventure, please call (212) 360-2774 or call 311 and ask for the Urban Park Rangers.


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