Youth Adventure Course

Dare to Adventure

Girl Climbing Rock Wall

Imagine… an unforgettable outdoor adventure that fosters trust, problem solving, team–building and overcoming fear in a safe, secure environment less than 20 miles from mid–town Manhattan.

That’s the Alley Pond Adventure Course, and we’ve got a program to suit your needs!

Our adventure course is an outdoor team–building and individual challenge course consisting of high and low rope elements. Low elements take place on the ground or on cables suspended a few feet above the ground. High elements take place on cables suspended 45 feet in the air, and require a helmet, harness, and belay system for safety.


Programs can be designed to achieve a variety of recreational, educational, and developmental goals. Low elements concentrate on building teams through problem–solving, while high elements focus on individual challenges and may require participants to confront personal fears. All activities promote leadership and group interaction.

Adventure Course Youth Program Options:
School, Youth, and Camp Groups

Full–day, high and low ropes course programs are available weekdays from May through November (weather permitting). Programs are designed for participants ages 8 and older.

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