Alley Pond Park Adventure Course

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Alley Pond Park Adventure Course

The Alley Pond Adventure Course, also called a ropes course, is a fun and challenging outdoor team building and personal development activity course consisting of both high and low ropes elements. The course is fully accessible; there are activities for all ages and all physical abilities. Low elements take place on the ground or on cables suspended a few inches off the ground. High elements are constructed with utility poles and require a helmet, harness, and belay system for safety. Challenges may be physical, emotional, or intellectual.

Alley Pond Park Adventure Course programs can be designed to meet a number of professional, developmental, and organizational goals. For corporate and other business groups, our programs offer experiential based training aimed at helping groups and individuals strive for excellence. Our program provides powerful experiences which have the potential to change the way teams face challenges and take advantage of opportunities. It can help build stronger teams, instill a new appreciation for collaboration, improve decision making abilities, enhance customer service, resolve conflict, and aid businesses in planning for and adapting to change.

To plan the most effective program for your group, we will dialogue with designated staff to understand your organization's culture, perceived strengths and weaknesses, and significant environmental changes or challenges that present barriers to productivity. Our course facilitators will work with you to select the best programs for your group, tailoring activities to fit your behavioral and business goals and allowing for the inclusion of the varying fitness levels of your participants. We will frame and debrief each activity to explore the dynamics experienced. After each activity, the group will spend time discussing and analyzing their actions, decisions, successes, and failures; sharing what they have learned working through each activity. This debriefing is structured to fully engage the whole team.

Our programs can be designed to meet a variety of objectives, such as:

  • Incorporate new members into the group;
  • Improve morale and motivation;
  • Promote effective communication;
  • Engage in appropriate risk taking;
  • Creatively solve problems;
  • Embrace organizational vision.

The results of the adventure course program can be felt immediately and have long lasting benefits for your group.

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