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Create more through media education!

Our media education programs offer you cutting-edge digital tools, programming and training from some of the best educators, right here in our media labs. Whether you want to create a hit movie or song, train yourself for a new job, or develop new computer skills, you can find the program that’s right for you.


Our educators offer media education programs for people of all ages and for all skill levels. Our programs are available as a part of your recreation center membership.


Our programs range from drop-in workshops to eight-week certification or media-based courses. Our courses operate on a seasonal schedule:

  • Winter 1: January through February
  • Winter 2: March through early April
  • Spring: April through June
  • Summer: July through August
  • Fall 1: September through October
  • Fall 2: November through December

How to Register

You can enroll for a course during one of our enrollment periods, which take place two weeks before a class session. To register for a course, please visit the media lab where it takes place and speak with the Media Education Coordinator. You may also email, or call (212) 360-2791 for more information.

You can visit a media lab, or check out some of our programs below to get started.

Visit a Media Lab

Media labs are found in 32 recreation centers throughout the five boroughs. Find open hours to try out PCs, Macs, and other equipment including digital and video cameras, and software such as Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Cloud, and assistive technologies for people with disabilities.

Visit a media lab

Types of Programs

Programs for Children and Teens

We have programs for kids and teens of every ability and interest—from help with homework to programs for young filmmakers, music producers, designers, photographers, and engineers. Learn how to create ethical media and use the internet in a safe way.

Programs for Job Seekers

Professional skills are the most important ingredient for career success. Learn to use digital tools that will get you where you want to go, including Microsoft Office programming essentials like Word or Excel.

Programs for New Computer Users

Are you a first-time computer user? Learn the basics, including how to use email or how to surf the internet, and become a technology wiz!

Featured Programs

More Information


Many of our recreation centers are wheelchair accessible. Please visit our locations page for center specific information.  Text magnification and screen-reading tools are available in many staffed media labs for users. Contact your Media Education Coordinator for more information about accessing these tools.

Media Education Opportunities

Want to become a part of our team? Please consider becoming an intern, a volunteer, or a donor to help keep these great programs accessible to all.

Contact Us

For more information about our programs, facilities, and offerings, please fill out our Contact Form, email our Media Education Administration at or call (212) 360-2791.

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