East Harlem Resiliency Plan

Vision Plan for a Resilient East Harlem

The Vision Plan for a Resilient East Harlem, released December 2019, presents ideas on how East Harlem can be made a stronger and safer community in the face of a changing climate. The Plan highlights the role NYC Parks can play in responding to climate change, and opportunities for us to partner with other agencies and stakeholders to further neighborhood resiliency.

In developing the plan, we brought together neighbors to guide us to identify open space improvements and community programs that will help East Harlem adapt to the risks presented by climate change. The plan highlights our vision for the community: to reduce the risk from stormwater flooding, to create resilient public spaces, and to adapt the waterfront and integrate it with the city’s drainage infrastructure.


The Vision Plan was led by NYC Parks and the Mayor’s Office of Resiliency. We would like to acknowledge the contributions of NYC Department of Environmental Protection (DEP), NYC Department of Transportation (DOT), as well as the involvement of NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA), NYC Emergency Management (EM), NYC Department of City Planning (DCP). We would also like to thank all who participated in our public engagement efforts, including Community Boards 8, 10, 11, elected officials, DREAM Charter School, numerous community organizations, and members of the community.


Do you have questions about the Vision Plan? Want to share your thoughts? Email alda.chan@parks.nyc.gov.

A Vision Plan for East Harlem

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For more information, please download the full report. The full report is a large pdf file and may take some time to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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