Riverside Park Master Plan

The Riverside Park Master Plan, written with extensive community input and published in 2016, sets a vision for the restoration and management of this Olmsted-designed scenic landmark. This plan will guide the next phase of a long-term effort to improve maintenance, restore historic features, and adapt the park to meet the needs of changing and growing neighborhoods, and ensure a sustainable future for Riverside Park for the continued enjoyment of all New Yorkers.

This plan builds on an earlier master plan completed by NYC Parks in 1984 and implemented over the past 30 years in partnership with the Riverside Park Conservancy.

Development of the Plan

NYC Parks worked with park user groups, neighborhood residents, Parks Committies of Community Districts 7 and 9, and the Riverside Park Conservancy to develop a shared understanding of the park’s problems, changing community demographics and needs.

Making the Plan Happen

NYC Parks will work with Community Boards 7 and 9, the Riverside Park Conservancy, nonprofit partners and elected officials to identify funding from New York City expense and capital budgets, as well as private funding sources to implement this plan.

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