Harlem River Watershed and Natural Resources Management Plan

A Plan for the Bronx Side of the Harlem River

Mill Pond Park

The City of New York is pleased to present the Harlem River Watershed & Natural Resources Management Plan for the Bronx. Developed with funding from the New York State Department of State, this plan serves as a road map for agencies, community partners, and other stakeholders to use to pursue coordinated resource protection and restoration goals in the Bronx portion of the Harlem River watershed.

About the Plan

The Harlem River Watershed & Natural Resources Management Plan provides a vision and goals for the Bronx portion of the Harlem River watershed, introduces 14 strategies and 77 watershed-wide and 97 site-specific recommendations for achieving the stated goals, and identifies priority projects. The plan builds upon past planning efforts, and would not have been possible without input from community partners, including the Bronx Council for Environmental Quality, and support from the Urban Waters Federal Partnership and the New York-New Jersey Harbor & Estuary Program.

Community Vision & Goals

Vision: The Harlem River watershed is a critical ecological and social resource where clean water, healthy habitats, and public well-being are valued and protected. It is a place where environmentally sound practices, policies, education, and stewardship help maintain and improve water quality and diverse native habitats, as well as public health, recreation, and a high quality of life easily accessible to local and adjacent communities.

This plan’s goals are to:

  1. Protect, restore and enhance natural resources to maximize diverse, native and contiguous ecological communities.
  2. Manage stormwater through green infrastructure to capture, retain, and treat runoff.
  3. Promote access and connectivity to the shoreline and between existing parks and open space.
  4. Engage and educate the public to increase community awareness, environmental protection, and stewardship among diverse stakeholders.

Contact Us

If you have questions or comments on the Harlem River Watershed & Natural Resources Management Plan for the Bronx, please email Katie.Friedman@parks.nyc.gov.

Read the Plan

Management Plan

Note: The final plan is a large pdf file and may take some time to download depending on the speed of your internet connection.

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