Crotona & Tremont Park Master Plan

Crotona Park

Thanks to the knowledge and assistance of Bronx Community Boards 3 and 6, the Friends of Crotona Park, and other neighborhood groups, we have prepared a plan to restore the beauty of Crotona and Tremont Parks and bring more year-round recreational opportunities to the neighborhood.

What’s in the plan?

The plan identifies problems and solutions, and provides project descriptions and estimates of expense and capital costs that will be needed over a twenty-year period. 

Here’s what's included in the plan for Crotona Park and Tremont Park:

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  • Restoration of Indian Lake into a nature destination with boat rentals and a café on the terrace
  • Conversion of the Crotona Park pool building into a year-round recreation center
  • A shady and attractive park perimeter with welcoming entrances
  • Sitting areas and outdoor exercise equipment with special provisions for seniors
  • Scenic paths that make it safe, easy, and fun to cross the park, even at night
  • A pedestrian bridge that crosses Crotona Avenue
  • A scenic loop for strolling or jogging
  • A lakeside picnic house for rentals and cultural activities
  • Safe bicycling routes to Crotona Parkway and the Bronx River greenway
  • A 1/8 mile running track
  • A skate park
  • A dog run
  • Three reconstructed playgrounds
  • Three comfort stations
  • One full size synthetic surface football/soccer field
  • The New York Junior Tennis and Learning Center
  • Enhanced landscape beauty and forest health
  • A park maintenance area with secure vehicle storage

Tremont Park

  • Perimeter improvements that bring the park into the business district and community
  • Restoration of Tremont park's historic Borough Hall stairs with gardens, café space, and restrooms
  • A gymnasium/cultural community building on the historic Borough Hall site
  • An illuminated jogging loop and a 3/4 size soccer field
  • Landscaping of the bridge connecting Crotona and Tremont Parks

Let's work together to make it happen

The master plan published below includes detailed project descriptions and budgets for the projects and programs. To advance the park’s restoration, we encourage every local community board and community group to prioritize projects from this plan in their budget and in their elected official budget requests.

Long-term plans such as this one have proven to be successful in coordinating the efforts of elected officials, community groups, and agencies.


If you have questions or would like to help implement the plan, please call the Crotona Administrator’s office at (718) 430-1878 or the Parks Planning office at (212) 360-3485.

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