Planning Overview

NYC Parks is always working to improve and expand New York City's open space network. This planning work ranges from recommending major improvements to existing parks (beyond just maintenance and repairs) to acquiring and converting new land to open space, to setting and executing neighborhood-wide strategies for open space developments that better serve their surrounding communities.

Framework for an Equitable Future

Safe, clean, quality open spaces are a key component of our neighborhoods, and access to these spaces is the right of every New Yorker. Parks works with communities in all neighborhoods across the city to help shape open space priorities and create a park system that is resilient, accessible, and equitable.

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Conceptual Plans

Conceptual plans are an important part of NYC Parks' planning portfolio, and offer an important opportunity for communities to take part in the shaping of their parks. These plans create a long-term vision for parks, and inform how capital projects are prioritized to best suit their communities.

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Neighborhood Development Plans

In New York City, our parks are a key component of our neighborhoods and a crucial quality-of-life concern. NYC Parks works to ensure that quality, accessible open spaces are included in long-term plans for neighborhoods undergoing rezonings and other City-driven development.

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Resiliency Planning

An essential part of NYC Parks sustainability agenda, "park resiliency" is the ability of parks and open spaces to withstand and recover from disruptive events such as coastal storms and catastrophic flooding. Resiliency also refers to these parks' ability to withstand more gradual threats, such as sea-level-rise, associated with global climate change.

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Citywide Priorities and Interagency Planning

NYC Parks works closely with other City agencies on initiatives that affect our parks. Quality, well-maintained, accessible parks are critical public assets in our neighborhoods, and their expansion and improvement must be coordinated with other City-wide priorities.

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