Community Input Meetings

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Re-Imagining Parks

Community Input Meetings are your opportunity to share your vision and thoughts for your neighborhood park with us, so that we can create thriving open spaces for your neighbors and for all New Yorkers.

What is a Community Input Meeting? Before we re-design or rebuild a park, we ask for feedback from stakeholders in the community. We want to understand how our capital project can help this public space better serve the neighborhood. At these meetings, we’ll ask questions about topics such as how you arrive at the park, what you do when you go to the park, what you would like to do that you can’t do now, and much more! We want to hear from as many different and diverse voices as possible in order to understand the full extent of the community’s vision. After the meeting takes place, the design of the capital project to improve the park will begin. Learn more about how we build parks and the next steps in our Capital Projects process.

How to Participate

Digital Community Input Meetings help you engage with us and share your feedback for your local park, while maintaining safe social distancing guidelines.

You must register for a meeting in advance in order to attend. You will receive a link to the meeting by email on the day of the meeting.

Please register for an upcoming community input meeting below:

There are no scheduled upcoming community input meetings at this time.

Online Comments

If you cannot attend a community input meeting, we still want to hear from you! After a community input meeting is held, we will open up online comments for two weeks. Choose a project below to submit your online comments and then press the button that reads 'Share Your Thoughts' to submit your input.

Please submit your online comments below:

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