Riverside Park Path Reconstruction, West 72-83, 91-95, 122-125 Streets

  • Design
    100% complete
  • Procurement
    100% complete
  • Construction
    100% complete

This project will include paving and landscape improvements in Riverside Park. At Riverside Drive between West 122nd and West 125th Streets, the project will reconstruct the existing perimeter sidewalk, including asphalt pavement and new bluestone curb, benches and fencing. At Crabapple Grove between West 91st and West 95th Streets, the project will reconstruct park paths and install new benches. Along the Hudson River Greenway between West 72nd and West 83rd Streets, the project will install additional greenway signage, improve park lighting and reconstruct pavements.

Project Timeline


Start Date: January 2016
Projected Completion Date: January 2017
Completion Date: June 2017


Start Date: June 2017
Projected Completion Date: March 2018
Completion Date: April 2018


Start Date: June 2018
Projected Completion Date: June 2019
Completion Date: June 2019

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Total Funding: $2,135,000
Funding Sources:
  • Mayoral
  • City Council


Riverside Park , Manhattan
Riverside Drive: West 125th-122nd Streets, West 95th-91st Streets, West 83rd-72nd Streets


Project Staff

Project Liaison: Steve Simon
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Last updated: 05/14/2021