Citywide Oil to Gas-Fired Burner Conversion

  • Design
    30% complete
  • Procurement
    0% complete
  • Construction
    0% complete

This project contract will convert oil-fired burners and boilers to natural gas-fired systems at various parks facilities citywide.

Project Update: The schematic design for this project has been approved internally at Parks and is now going through review by the community board and external regulatory agencies for comment and approval.

Project Timeline


Start Date: April 2020
Projected Completion Date: October 2020


The average time for procurement is 9 months. The procurement timeline for this specific contract will be established at the conclusion of the design phase.


The average time for construction is 12-18 months. The construction timeline for this specific contract will be established at the conclusion of the procurement phase.

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Total Funding: Between $3 million and $5 million
Funding Source: Mayoral


  • Astoria Park , Queens
    Astoria Park South, 21 Street, Hoyt Avenue, Ditmars Boulevard, East River
  • Crocheron Park , Queens
    33 to 35 Avenues, Little Neck Bay
  • Harris Park , Bronx
    Goulden Avenue, West 205 Street, Paul Avenue, Bedford Park Boulevard
  • Kissena Park , Queens
    Underhill, Oak, Rose, Booth Memorial Avenues, Kissena Boulevard, Fresh Meadow Lane
  • Rainey Park , Queens
    Vernon Boulevard, 33 Road, 34 Avenue, East River
  • Sara D. Roosevelt Park , Manhattan
    East Houston Street to Canal Street
  • Van Cortlandt Park , Bronx
    Broadway, Jerome Avenue, City Line, Van Cortlandt Park South

Project Staff

Project Liaison: Cristin Leoutsakos
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Last updated: 10/29/2020