Citywide Steel Guiderails, Timber Rails and Fencing Installation (CNYG-1414M)

  • Design
    100% complete
  • Procurement
    100% complete
  • Construction
    100% complete

This project will install steel-beam guiderails, timber barrier rails, and fencing at various parks citywide.

Project Timeline


Start Date: April 2014
Projected Completion Date: May 2014
Completion Date: July 2014


Start Date: July 2014
Projected Completion Date: April 2015
Completion Date: December 2015


Start Date: March 2016
Projected Completion Date: March 2019
Completion Date: October 2018

Understand how we build parks.


Total Funding: $987,000
Funding Source: Mayoral


  • Bloomingdale Park , Staten Island
    Richmond Pkwy., West Shore Expw., Lenevar Ave., Ramona Ave.
  • City Line Park , Brooklyn
    Atlantic Ave. bet. Fountain Ave. and N. Conduit Ave.
  • Crack Is Wack Playground , Manhattan
    E. 127 St., 2 Ave., and Harlem River Drive
  • Forest Grove , Staten Island
    Forest Ave., Elizabeth Grove Rd.
  • Forest Park , Queens
    Myrtle Ave., Union Turnpike, Park Lane South bet. Brooklyn-Queens County Line and Park Lane
  • Fort Tryon Park , Manhattan
    Riverside Drive to Broadway, West 192 to Dyckman Streets
  • Highland Park , Queens
    Jacke Robinson Parkway to Highland Boulevard / West of Vermont Place / East of Red Brick Structure and Natural Area
  • Howard Bennett Playground , Manhattan
    W. 135 St. To W. 136 St., Lenox Ave. To 5 Ave.
  • Kissena Park , Queens
    Booth Memorial Avenue between Kissena Boulevard & 162nd Street including Velodrome and Parking Lot
  • LaTourette Park & Golf Course , Staten Island
    Forest Hill Rd., London Rd., Rockland Ave., Arthur Kill Rd.
  • Spring Creek Park , Brooklyn
    Fountain Ave., 75 St. bet. Belt Pkwy., Flatlands Ave.,

Project Staff

Project Liaison: Cristin Leoutsakos
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Last updated: 02/15/2019