Pelham Bay Park Waterfront Development

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    100% complete
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  • Construction
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This project will improve public access to the scenic, habitat-rich environment of Eastchester Bay while protecting, restoring and enhancing the natural quality of the park. An accessible waterfront foot path will be established along with a paved park path. Shoreline intrusions will also be removed, including walls, pavements, and a portion of an abandoned stormwater pipe. A historic drainage tributary and native plant communities will be reestablished after removal of invasive species.

Project Timeline


Start Date: August 2007
Projected Completion Date: March 2012
Completion Date: August 2013


Start Date: August 2013
Projected Completion Date: May 2014
Completion Date: March 2014


Start Date: August 2014
Projected Completion Date: August 2015
Completion Date: September 2015

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Total Funding: $1,023,000
Funding Source: Mayoral


Pelham Bay Park , Bronx
Between the Pelham Bay landfill and Wyatt Avenue, Pelham Bay Park


Project Staff

Project Liaison: Michelle Martell
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Last updated: 06/22/2018