Faber Park Skate Park Construction

  • Design
    100% complete
  • Procurement
    100% complete
  • Construction
    100% complete

This project will construct a plaza-type skate park with reinforced colored concrete pavement and cast-in place skate-park components set into the sloping topography of the existing park landscape. The water run-off from the existing slopes and the additional pavement will be captured by new drains which lead to leaching basins. Existing trees will be pruned and fertilized and new native shade trees will be planted at the edge of the lower open lawn.

Project Timeline


Start Date: July 2011
Projected Completion Date: August 2012
Completion Date: March 2013


Start Date: March 2013
Projected Completion Date: November 2013
Completion Date: November 2013


Start Date: January 2014
Projected Completion Date: January 2015
Completion Date: January 2015

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Total Funding: $1,500,000
Funding Source: Borough President


Faber Pool and Park , Staten Island
Faber Street and Sharpe Avenue, Staten Island


Project Staff

Project Liaison: Charles Fall
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Last updated: 09/21/2018