Queens East River and North Shore Greenway Construction

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    100% complete
  • Procurement
    100% complete
  • Construction
    100% complete

This project will construct portions of the Queens East River and North Shore Greenway in Queensbridge Park, Rainey Park, Hallets Cove Playground, Astoria Park and Ralph Demarco Park.

Project Timeline


Start Date: April 2007
Projected Completion Date: October 2008
Completion Date: January 2010


Start Date: January 2010
Projected Completion Date: October 2010
Completion Date: July 2011


Start Date: October 2011
Projected Completion Date: September 2012
Completion Date: September 2013

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Total Funding: $2,886,000
Funding Sources:
  • City Council
  • Federal


  • Astoria Park, Queens
    Astoria Park South, 21 Street, Hoyt Avenue, Ditmars Boulevard, East River
  • Hallets Cove Playground, Queens
    Main Avenue, Vernon Boulevard, Hallets Cove, East River, 1st Street
  • Queensbridge Park, Queens
    21st Street, Bridge Plaza, Vernon Boulevard, East River
  • Rainey Park, Queens
    Vernon Boulevard, 33 Road, 34 Avenue, East River
  • Ralph Demarco Park, Queens
    Shore Boulevard between Ditmars Boulevard and 20th Avenue

Project Staff

Project Liaison: Mike Dockett
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Last updated: 06/30/2022

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