Alley Pond Environmental Center Reconstruction

  • Design
    100% complete
  • Procurement
    100% complete
  • Construction
    74% complete

This project will construct a new environmental center in Alley Pond Park.

Due to COVID related impacts, this project may experience schedule delays. We will update the capital tracker as more information becomes available.

Project Update: The contract completion date has changed. Some of the common reasons why a completion date has changed are: issues with a contractor, design error or omission, unexpected field conditions, change in the scope of the project, pending approval and registration of change orders and/or inclement weather.

Project Timeline


Start Date: February 2010
Projected Completion Date: July 2013
Completion Date: August 2017


Start Date: August 2017
Projected Completion Date: May 2018
Completion Date: July 2019


Start Date: September 2019
Projected Completion Date: September 2021
Adjusted Completion Date: July 2022

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Total Funding: $27,679,000
Funding Sources:
  • Borough President
  • City Council
  • Mayoral


Alley Pond Park , Queens
Northern Boulevard and Cross Island Parkway


Project Staff

Project Liaison: Mike Dockett
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Last updated: 07/01/2022

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