Conference House Pavilion Reconstruction

  • Design
    100% complete
  • Procurement
    100% complete
  • Construction
    78% complete

This project will reconstruct the Conference House Pavilion in Conference House Park.

Project Update: The contract completion date has changed. Some of the common reasons why a completion date has changed are: issues with a contractor, design error or omission, unexpected field conditions, change in the scope of the project, pending approval and registration of change orders and/or inclement weather.

Project Timeline


Start Date: February 2013
Projected Completion Date: March 2015
Completion Date: August 2016


Start Date: August 2016
Projected Completion Date: April 2017
Completion Date: November 2017


Start Date: January 2018
Projected Completion Date: January 2019
Adjusted Completion Date: December 2019

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Total Funding: $6,619,000
Funding Sources:
  • Mayoral
  • Borough President
  • City Council


Conference House Park , Staten Island
Conference House Park at the End of Hylan Boulevard, Adjacent to Satterlee Street, Borough of Staten Island


Project Staff

Project Liaison: Joseph Homsey
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Last updated: 01/27/2020