Application to "Visual Work Release"

Permission to publish, reprint, broadcast, or duplicate in any way reproductions made from original material of the Parks Photo Archive (“Archive”) is subject to the “Visual Work Release”and may be granted subject to the following conditions.

1. Upon payment to City of New York/Parks & Recreation (“Parks”), Parks grants to applicant the non-exclusive right to use material for one-time use only. See the “Archive Policies” on the web and call 718-760-6745 for information about applicable reproduction rights fees.

2. The Archive shall determine when, where, and how reproductions are to be made. If Visual Work Release is granted for the applicant to photograph material, all negatives and digitizations created must be given to the Archive. It is understood and acknowledged that any such negatives and digitized versions of images shall become the exclusive property of the City of New York which shall own all right, title and interest in and to such negatives and digitizations, which may not be further used by the applicant, publisher, or producer without written application to the

3. The applicant shall send to the Archive two publications or two digital video disks (DVD), in which the item is reproduced.

4. The applicant, prospective publisher, or producer shall have the sole responsibility for observing literary property rights, personal property rights, libel, unwarranted invasions of privacy and any infringement of the U.S. Copyright Act. All use and incorporation of the approved material shall acknowledge Parks, and prominently feature the Parks name or logo.

In accordance with the above conditions, I/we hereby apply for “Visual Work Release.”


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