Purchase a Single-Play Permit

A single-play permit allows you to play at any tennis court in any borough for one hour. For doubles play, permits are good for two hours of tennis. Single-play permits cost $15 per person. The single-play permit will be mailed to you, and you must bring it with you in order to play tennis on an outdoor court during tennis season.

Full-Season Tennis Permits

If you'd like to purchase or renew a full-season tennis permit, please visit our Tennis Permit Application page

Tennis Season

A permit is needed to use an outdoor tennis court from the first Sunday of April to the Sunday before Thanksgiving. A permit is only valid for the year in which it is issued.

Single Play Permits Order Form

Cost: $0

Mailing & Billing Address

Please allow up to two weeks to receive your single-play permit purchase by mail. If you're looking to play sooner, please apply in person or consider playing at one of our popular courts where you can purchase a single-play permit with an online tennis court reservation for use once within the next seven days.

Please submit your mailing and billing address.

Total Cost: $15