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Construction Work Permit Application

To begin the Parks construction permit process, please submit the following application. Please make sure that all the materials in the Application Checklist are ready before you proceed.

Before attaching files and photos to your application (i.e.: PDF, MS Office, CSV, JPG, GIF, PNG, MOV, AVI, MPG), please optimize them to the smallest file size possible, with no file larger than 25MB.

1) Contact Information for your project lead

If your project is sponsored by a utility, authority, or government agency, please select it below.

2) Request Letter

State in narrative who will perform the work, the scope and purpose of work, and the duration and location of project. Request a length of time that will cover the duration of your work, including any restoration of the site to acceptable conditions.

Where will the work take place?

Intersection of Location

Remove Location

Add another location (up to 10 locations)

Maximum number of locations reached

3) Project Cost Estimate

The estimated dollar cost of project

4) Map

A map of the physical work location

5) Dimensioned Site Plan

A dimensioned site plan that shows work zone, staging area, storage area, access as well as landscape and tree protection

6) Location of All Trees

The location of all trees in the area, a tree survey prepared by a certified arborist may be required

7) Pictures or Video of Current Site Condition

Upload pictures or video of the current condition of the entire site, to be used as the basis of the Restoration Inspection

8) Subcontractors List

Identify all subcontractors that may be working under this permit

9) Bond Form

At our discretion we may require a bond against damages before issuing your permit. You will be notified separately if your work requires submission of a bond

10) Certificate of Insurance

Review the Insurance Requirements

You must attach a signed Broker Certification for each Certificate of Insurance provided. If you have to submit multiple Broker Certification forms, please combine them and upload as one .pdf document.

Additional Documents

If you have an easement, environmental review, or other relevant documentation, please attach it to your permit application.



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