Guidelines For Film and Photography Shoots

NYC Parks is now accepting and reviewing questionnaires for film shoots that meet the parameters and restrictions set by the Mayors Office of Media and Entertainment. We ask for a minimum of ten business days for review and processing during this time. We reserve the right to impose further restrictions based upon the current status of COVID-19.

Pursuant to § 1-05(e) of the Rules & Regulations of NYC Parks, certain film and photography shoots on property under NYC Parks’ jurisdiction may require a permit from the Mayor’s Office of Media & Entertainment (MOME). If applicable, please fill out NYC Parks’ Film Shoot Request Form in order to facilitate coordination between the appropriate park administrator and the MOME. For more information regarding the MOME film permit, please visit their permits page or call (212) 489-6710.

Please note: Location requests within certain parks are coordinated through the park's respective conservancy group. If the park you would like to film in is listed below, please click the appropriate link for more information.

Apply Online

If you are applying for any other NYC Park, you can fill out the online Film Shoot Request Form. We aim to respond to process each request within five business days, however this may vary pending staff and resource availability.

Borough Office Numbers

  • Bronx: (718) 430-1848/ 1849
  • Brooklyn: (718) 965-8912
  • Manhattan: (212) 408-0212
  • Queens: (718) 393-7272
  • Staten Island: (718) 667-3545

Park Rules and Regulations Pertaining to Film and Photography Shoots

  • No vehicles will be permitted to park within a park’s perimeter unless previously approved.
  • Filming will not be permitted where it would compromise the privacy of park patrons (ex: comfort stations and locker rooms).
  • Any extensive set-up on park lawns must be cleared in advance. Please note that regulations concerning extensive set-up vary by park.
  • Requests to tie, drape, or attach rope, props, or equipment to trees, shrubs, fences, or benches will be declined, as will requests to tie or attach anything to any architectural features, statues, sculptures, or fountains. Cutting, tying back, or altering shrubs, plantings, or trees in any way is illegal and will not be permitted.
  • If set-up requires cable or live wires, any cable that crosses a pedestrian path must be covered and all appropriate safety measures taken.
  • No directional signs for filming locations of any kind may be posted or staked into the ground.
  • All materials brought in by permitees, including trash, must be removed from the park. Summonses will be issued for any trash left behind and any damage to park property. All areas should be left in the condition in which they were found.

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