Dean Playground
Field and Court Permit Availability Map

If you're looking to play sports in Dean Playground, you can use this map to find out more about our fields and courts, and to see what's been permitted and what's available for the current season.

You can also download a spreadsheet of field and court permits issued for the current season in the park.

Requesting a Permit

If you are a representative of a sports league, or if you would like to reserve the use of a field or court for a particular time or date, you'll need an NYC Parks Field or Court Permit. Before you get started, you can learn more about our permit process, including when to make requests for upcoming seasons, and how we work to accommodate your request. If you are requesting a permit for the current season, please make sure you give us at least seven days advance notice.

Visit our permit page to apply.

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Select a sport, date and time to see which fields are available, or click on a field or court to find out when a permit has been issued.


A permit has not yet been issued for this field or court at the selected date and time.


This field is closed, or a permit has already been issued for this field or court at the selected date and time.


Please zoom in further to see permitting availability for fields and courts.

There are no results for a sports activity at this location. Try a different location on the map to find more permittable fields.

Viewing fields and courts designated for a sports activity at the current time on the current date.

Permit information last updated: yesterday.

If you suspect that a field or court is being mis-used, or that a permit is being regularly unused, please visit 311 to report a violation of park rules. You can select “Obstructing Public Use” from the Details section, and then “Court/Field/Rink” from the additional details section.



Primary Sport
Field Surface  
Lighted Field (extended hours)
Sports valid for permits at this field

A field and court that has not been permitted may be available for informal use on a first come, first served basis. We cannot guarantee that you will have access to a particular field at a specific date and time without an NYC Parks Field or Court Permit.

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This chart shows availability at  . You may also download the list of all   field and court permits issued at   this season.

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